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Who We Are

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          My name is Josiah Piett, I am passionate about seeing people come fully alive in whom God has designed them to be through spiritual direction, speaking engagements and doing life together with others.

          Whether in my experiences in para-ministries, church congregations or in the marketplace, I have sought to cultivate conversations and environments for people to connect to God no matter what stage of faith they find themselves in.

          I have completed an undergrad degree in Biblical Studies and a Master of Divinity in Spiritual Formation at Tyndale University and Seminary.


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          I have had the privilege of being married to Kara-Lee for 6 years.

          As you can see from the photo, we have a dog named Meadow whose energy aligns  more with a hurricane than a meadow but we love her regardless.

         We enjoy hanging out with people, drinking good coffee, and being outside (hiking, kayaking, road trips). 

          I have experienced many losses in life both personally and relationally and have seen death in many of its different forms. These experiences have allowed me to see that even in the darkest of places God is there although sometimes in a more subtle way than I would like.

          I have learned firsthand that there is real evil in the world, and that there is also a real hope that is rooted in something deeper and beyond even life’s most horrific circumstances.

          Regardless of my resume or experiences at the end of the day, I am in love with our Father through the Son by the power of Spirit and it has been an absolute privilege to walk with Him and to serve and love His children. He is faithful, He is good, His lovingkindness is of old and He is drawing all of us into a relationship with Him through His Son and by His Spirit.

          So often the circumstances of our life will try to tell us something different than this and its in these moments and spaces something deeply profound can occur in our relationship with God

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